About Us

The term Net Neutrality has gained steadily in traction on social media over the last few months. It won’t be wrong to say that it has been amongst the most widely debated terms in the technology space during this period. However, most of the talk surrounding this topic lies in the realms of malicious disinformation or well-intentioned misinformation. And that’s not a very healthy trend for any topic.

We are a group of tweeple who have been deeply concerned about the lack of understanding, accuracy & intellectual rigour within the mainstream discussion on the issue of Net Neutrality. And this blog is our response to our frustration of having to deal with the same set of flawed arguments, day in & day out. What we intend to do through this blog is to present a reason-driven argument to the masses as to how & why the concept of Net Neutrality is severely deterimental to the end-user/the consumer in the long run.

As the banner on top of our blog says, our efforts are concentrated towards saving the internet from the fools. This would be the right place to define who these fools are & why. The people we refer to as fools are the ones who are at the forefront of this movement and are driving for government regulation to control what providers can offer the end-user & what not. We refer to them thus as knowingly or unknowingly, they are calling for moves that will destroy the enabling nature of the Internet and thus, prevent humankind from optimally benefitting from this magnificient & powerful tool we have at our disposal.

While several arguments that we’ll be making during the course of this blog might revolve around FreeBasics (a product offering from Facebook which is being made available through Reliance in India), FreeBasics is merely incidental to what we stand for & are arguing here. Our focus is not to support FreeBasics or other such initiatives, but to support the goal of making the Internet a bastion of Freedom, under which constructive innovation will flower & wasteful use of resources will wither away organically.

We request your support in our initiatives, if you too stand for the same thing as us. Please help spread the word by sharing our content within your social reach. If you’re on Twitter, please use the hashtag #NetNeutralityIllusion whenever you tweet on the subject. And finally, if you wish to contribute content to the website, please get in touch with us on Twitter. We tweet with the handles @ravithinkz, @ScrewedByState, @shreyasbdwaj, Shamanth Jilla, @mnshzz & @vimuktaatma.

In the equally likely possibility that you do not agree with us, we would love it if you engage with us constructively. We’d love to discuss our articles with you through comments or on Twitter. We’d want you to ask questions that you may have through our Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature that should be live in a couple of days.

May truth reign always. Satyameva Jayate!