Insecurity and Net Neutrality

Explaining economics of Internet neutrality seems largely futile, here we are not tackling a coherent argument, but more or less a form of inherent insecurity. It’s a curious obsession with outcomes, without any deep engagement with the underlying market principles which actually results in those very beneficial outcomes. In this infatuation with neutrality we are ending up employing … Continue reading “Insecurity and Net Neutrality”

A Malicious Campaign called #SaveTheInternet

(Co-Authored with Shreyas Bharadwaj) A small twitter poll conducted by @bwoyblunder revealed how confused people are about the current NN-Freebasics issue. Even otherwise, we are seeing people question, albeit reluctantly, the basis of NN which is prohibiting Facebook from offering a free stripped down version of the internet. People were not so ambivalent when the issue … Continue reading “A Malicious Campaign called #SaveTheInternet”

QoS and Net Neutrality

(Originally posted at Opinion Junction) Our attempt should never be about shaping specific market outcomes, instead we should constantly endeavour to enable entrepreneurial experimentation. Takshashila has submitted an interesting policy prescription, it explains an approach to the question of differential pricing for data services. Addresses several good points, including a recommendation for telecom licensing reform … Continue reading “QoS and Net Neutrality”

Demystifying spectrum

A large focus of the #NetNeutrality debate has supposedly been on the stated aim of keeping the Internet free from being monopolized by individual corporate entities or oligopolies. While this might seem to be a fairly noble aim on the face of it, in the #NetNeutrality context, this is one of the most idiotic flaws … Continue reading “Demystifying spectrum”

Is Internet public property?

There’s a lot of ignorance and obfuscation about Net Neutrality. Here’s an article that scatters the fog in an easily understood way: Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet One of the core Net Neutrality arguments -and on which most of the rest stand -is that Internet is public property. But is it? To grasp … Continue reading “Is Internet public property?”

#SaveTheInternet is wrong about #FreeBasics

Who doesn’t love the Internet? It is an amazing addition to our lives. The issue of Net Neutrality stirs up people, mostly those who have Internet access, because of the threat of change to the the way things are. The idea that you can’t just search for a term or randomly browse or watch some … Continue reading “#SaveTheInternet is wrong about #FreeBasics”

Net Neutrality in One Post

(Content was first posted on opinion junction) Costly complex regulations only create huge barriers to market entry. Such interventions always tend to evolve in a direction benefiting large corporations and corrupt public officials. A wise Spanish classical liberal once stated that all modern democracies are prone to mass moral upheavals where novel rights are defined. One such … Continue reading “Net Neutrality in One Post”

How Your Clamour For Net Neutrality Actually Helps Facebook

(Co-authored with Shamanth Jilla) Net Neutrality enthusiasts are clamouring for government intervention to regulate the internet. This will surely kill innovation in the sector, not Free Basics.  The romantic idea of trade unions bringing down ‘evil’ industrialists, which used to be a constant theme in movies of the 70s and 80s, is now making a … Continue reading “How Your Clamour For Net Neutrality Actually Helps Facebook”

Net Neutrality And

(Co-authored with Shamanth Jilla) Imagine this scenario. A billionaire businessman, in a bid to provide basic healthcare services to all, invests in developing a chain of hospitals in the remotest areas of a country. In the process, he signs up a number of junior doctors, and to make the services affordable, he forges strategic alliances with … Continue reading “Net Neutrality And”

Net Neutrality Illusion

(Co-authored with Shamanth Jilla) A couple of month back, Airtel, India’s largest mobile operator, excluded Voice over Internet Protocol -VoIP services like Skype and Viber from their 2G/3G internet plans. This meant that the data usage for skype or viber calls would be charged outside the plan, costing subscribers more. Airtel later announced separate VoIP … Continue reading “Net Neutrality Illusion”