Net Neutralists are defending freedom and innovation but don’t get either

Net Neutralists say they are standing up for freedom and innovation -but, alas, they don’t get either. So in their misplaced crusade they’ll end up making both scarcer:

Competition is creative; it explores and experiments with new ways of doing business, new products and innovative financing arrangements, new marketing techniques. Some will work; many will fail. But history is quite clear that as long as consumers are free to spend their money as they wish and entrepreneurs and businesses are free to enter (and exit) and to experiment with different ways of attracting consumers’ patronage, nothing resembling true monopoly power emerges, at least not for any length of time worth worrying about.

Government imposition of “net neutrality” will substitute bureaucrats’ politically poisoned judgments on what are and what are not appropriate business practices for the market-tested judgments of legions of suppliers competing for the patronage of hundreds of millions – indeed, often billions – of consumers.

(Words of economist Don Boudreaux)
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