#SaveTheInternet is wrong about #FreeBasics

Who doesn’t love the Internet? It is an amazing addition to our lives. The issue of Net Neutrality stirs up people, mostly those who have Internet access, because of the threat of change to the the way things are. The idea that you can’t just search for a term or randomly browse or watch some … Continue reading “#SaveTheInternet is wrong about #FreeBasics”

How Your Clamour For Net Neutrality Actually Helps Facebook

(Co-authored with Shamanth Jilla) Net Neutrality enthusiasts are clamouring for government intervention to regulate the internet. This will surely kill innovation in the sector, not Free Basics.  The romantic idea of trade unions bringing down ‘evil’ industrialists, which used to be a constant theme in movies of the 70s and 80s, is now making a … Continue reading “How Your Clamour For Net Neutrality Actually Helps Facebook”