QoS and Net Neutrality

(Originally posted at Opinion Junction) Our attempt should never be about shaping specific market outcomes, instead we should constantly endeavour to enable entrepreneurial experimentation. Takshashila has submitted an interesting policy prescription, it explains an approach to the question of differential pricing for data services. Addresses several good points, including a recommendation for telecom licensing reform … Continue reading “QoS and Net Neutrality”

Is Internet public property?

There’s a lot of ignorance and obfuscation about Net Neutrality. Here’s an article that scatters the fog in an easily understood way: Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet https://www.theobjectivestandard.com/issues/2008-winter/net-neutrality/ One of the core Net Neutrality arguments -and on which most of the rest stand -is that Internet is public property. But is it? To grasp … Continue reading “Is Internet public property?”

Quick Comments on Rahul Roushan’s “Dummy’s guide to Net Neutrality”

Rahul Roushan’s A Dummy’s guide to Net Neutrality does raise some understandable concerns. Though I’ve a fundamental issue with the article..i,e on spectrum being public property, since it needs considerable explanation, we’ll address it in another post later. But here’s a quick take to address those concerns “If you don’t want to pay a higher toll tax to … Continue reading “Quick Comments on Rahul Roushan’s “Dummy’s guide to Net Neutrality””

Net Neutralists are defending freedom and innovation but don’t get either

Net Neutralists say they are standing up for freedom and innovation -but, alas, they don’t get either. So in their misplaced crusade they’ll end up making both scarcer: Competition is creative; it explores and experiments with new ways of doing business, new products and innovative financing arrangements, new marketing techniques. Some will work; many will fail. But … Continue reading “Net Neutralists are defending freedom and innovation but don’t get either”

The mentality behind Net Neutrality is nothing new

Plus ça change.. and all that. The mentality behind Net Neutrality -“saving” the Internet from private providers by increasing government’s power over it -is nothing new: “..well-meaning efforts by legislators and regulators to protect consumers from supposedly wicked acts by monopolists tend instead to preserve monopolies. By preventing the appearance of new services that might … Continue reading “The mentality behind Net Neutrality is nothing new”

Net Neutrality activists by making Zero Rating haraam are anti-poor

Net Neutrality regulation as we all know, would effectively bar any form of Zero-Rating if implemented by TRAI- Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Zero- Rating is a form of price discrimination which allows Telecom/Internet Service Providers (TSP/ISPs) to offer access to certain internet applications for free either at a lower quality (as a form of … Continue reading “Net Neutrality activists by making Zero Rating haraam are anti-poor”

Net Neutrality in One Post

(Content was first posted on opinion junction) Costly complex regulations only create huge barriers to market entry. Such interventions always tend to evolve in a direction benefiting large corporations and corrupt public officials. A wise Spanish classical liberal once stated that all modern democracies are prone to mass moral upheavals where novel rights are defined. One such … Continue reading “Net Neutrality in One Post”

On Differential Pricing – Short Take

Net Neutrality Position: “Net-neutrality is not stopping ISPs to raise their data tariffs to invest in infrastructure, it is only against differential tariffs.” My Take: Let’s consider a local ISP who recently discovered that more than 50% of his traffic constitutes porn sites, and that is the reason for the congestion in his network. To … Continue reading “On Differential Pricing – Short Take”

How Your Clamour For Net Neutrality Actually Helps Facebook

(Co-authored with Shamanth Jilla) Net Neutrality enthusiasts are clamouring for government intervention to regulate the internet. This will surely kill innovation in the sector, not Free Basics.  The romantic idea of trade unions bringing down ‘evil’ industrialists, which used to be a constant theme in movies of the 70s and 80s, is now making a … Continue reading “How Your Clamour For Net Neutrality Actually Helps Facebook”